Finn Harald Røed with a Moog Sub 37 synthesizer and a Røde NT2 condensor microphone
Finn Harald Røed in January 2020 with a Moog Sub 37 analog synthesizer and a condenser studio microphone

About me

I am a Norwegian musician and songwriter. Writing, recording and performing music has been my main identity since I was a teenager. After having been a member of several performing pop and rock bands in the mid 80s and early 90s, I relased my first solo album in 1994. My eight album was relased in 2017. All of them are available on this website, and some via the major online streaming services like Spotify, Tidal and iTunes. My main instruments are vocals, hardware synthesizers and the piano, but I also play some guitar.

Check out the short version of my music history, from my childhood and up until today:

Music history

Music & lyrics
My compositions include vocals, synthesizers, electric and acoustic guitars, el-bass, samplers, acoustic and electronic drums and drum machines, sequencers, trumpet, piano, organ and whatever instrument or sound, acoustic, electronic, digital or sampled, found suitable for each particular piece of music.

Music is a proof and celebration of intelligence and creativity, having the ability to mirror the inner emotions of the human spirit, often strenghtened by corresponding lyrics. On this website you may listen to or download for free about 150 of the songs I've written and recorded. You will also find the latest news about my music, and my blog with thoughts on music and other topics.

Finn Harald Røed, Konsert med The Kingdom X (1994) Listen to or download my music
You may download free mp3 files via the download page for private use. Most of my music is created with little thought of the commercial demands in a music industry which in my opinion has less artistic integrity than ever.

Choose between full albums and individual songs. Some of the album packages include printable CD-covers.

Music videos
All official music videos are made available on my YouTube Channel. Please feel free to subscribe in order to be informed about updates.

I have shared thoughts on my music and some other relatively random topics on this website since 2004, about whatever might crossed my mind at the time I felt like writing about it. Click the blog-link to check out if you find any of it interesting. Among other things, the blog provides some insight into the song writing processes of my albums.

Finn Harald Røed as four band members in 2018
Finn Harald Røed in August 2018 as the four band members in the music video for Love imagination