Painted world (2011)

Finn Harald Røed, album, Painted world
Release date: December, 2011.
MP3-quality: 192 kBit/s, 44.100 kHz
Total CD playing time: 39.21 minutes
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This album is a collection of songs written and recorded over a 20 year period (1991–2011), including a 2011-version of the Kingdom X ballad "Heaven can wait" from 1994, the poetic "Painted world" (2011), the single releases "Anything for love" (2009) and "Christmas is coming" (2010), some other rare Kingdom X tracks and a live version of "Believe me deceive me" (1997). Some of the older songs are remastered and/or slightly edited, while others are more or less rewritten or re-recorded in 2011/2012.

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Anything for love
Uncover me
Be persistent
Christmas is coming
Full satisfaction
The dream of Fuji Mi
Heaven can wait
If she can't sleep
Learning my way to fly
Tiny words
Believe me deceive me
Painted world

The mood on most of the songs is far from bright or romantic. In fact, there is only one true love song here. Having said that, does that reflect life and the world in general? Does reality offer more than for example 10 % of true happiness, love and intoxicating romance? I don't think so, but will leave it up to the professionals to draw whatever conclusions that will make them happy.

The recording
Due to the time span, the album's songs were recorded in three different studios throughout the years. Everything you hear (instruments, vocals, programming, song writing, lyrics and studio work) is done by me. A lonesome worker, a lonely expression.

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