Magical Graphic Color Scheme (2008)

Finn Harald Røed, CD, Magical graphic color scheme
Release date: Nov 8, 2008.
MP3-quality: 192 kBit/s, 44.100 kHz
Album playing time: 42.55 minutes
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Running out of faces (4.16)
Things will never be the same (3.58)
Read my lips (3.20)
Cry (2.36)
Wonderful life (3.39)
I replace myself (3.22)
This scenario (3.09)
Under your thought control (3.55)
Magical graphic color scheme (4.19)
Love dares you (3.51)
This isn't me (3.23)
Promises of tomorrow (3.04)

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Copyright notice:
Music, lyrics and CD cover: Copyright © Finn Harald Røed 2008.
This CD is free for personal and non-commercial use. However - redistribution, rearranging, sampling, public performance, webhosting, sale, resale or other commercial use is prohibited and illegal.

Release notes, November 8, 2008:

This is a free, complete album released on the internet only. Download, unzip and burn to CD, or simply save and listen to the MP3 files. Please listen to the songs in the intended order, which is carefully planned by the artist. You may also download and print the album's CD-cover.

Finally, the long time scheduled follow-up for the 1996-release "Transformation" is ready. Did this really turn out to be a follow up? A lot of things have changed during the last 12 years, including my music. Even so, I believe most people that are somehow familiar with my work will recognize my voice and style right away.

The recording
I wrote and recorded the 12 songs for this album from 2003-2008. The album as a whole is produced and mastered in my current private studio in Sweden. Everything you hear (instruments, vocals, programming and mixing) is performed by myself, except on "Things will never be the same" (el-guitars by Thor Ivar Skaue and backing vocals by Marita Røed).

Why is this album free?
You may download and burn personal copies of this web-CD for free. I simply have no current plans on making money on my music, and offer this album for free in order to share my talent with those who might find interest in it. Please feel free to say what you think about this album by clicking here.

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Finn Harald Røed, free CD 2008