Moment in time (1994)

Finn Harald Røed, MC, Moment in time
Release date: October 1, 1994.
MP3-quality: 192 kBit/s, 44.100 kHz
Total CD playing time: 32 minutes
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"Moment in time" (MC, D.O.G. Records, 1994) was Finn Harald Røeds first official music release. It contains 10 easy melodic ballads, mainly written and recorded shortly after the time of The Kingdom X as a performing band was over.

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How many times
Mother have you heard the news
Please now
Just like you
Moment in time
You're my best friend
What have I done to deserve your love
Something about you
How does it feel to love somebody
How to play the game

The recording
Most of the album's songs were written in 1994, while the rest were written between 1989-1993. All songs were recorded in my private studio in Norway in August and September 1994.

Why free downloads?
I have no longer any commercial motives for writing and recording music. The original album (MC) was sold out a long time ago, but you may download the songs for free (MP3-format) on this website.