Scream at the wall (2015)

Finn Harald Røed, album, Scream at the wall
Release date: March 17, 2015.
MP3-quality: 320 kBit/s, 44.100 kHz
Total CD playing time: 42.10 minutes
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This el-guitar based rock album contains 11 songs written and recorded in 2013-2015. For a long time I had wanted to return to my roots as a rock band singer and make an el-guitar based album, which eventually ended up with some of my most hard hitting songs ever. My personal favorites are the title cut "Scream at the wall", the ballad "Goodbye my love" and the single release "The tide is turning". This was my first album since November 2008, and my first official release of new music since "Christmas is coming" in December 2010.

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Love charade
Dance boy
Goodbye my love
She's in a magazine
Your God is in heaven
I fuel your fear
Scream at the wall
The tide is turning
Don't ask questions
I wanna rock
Too tired

The recording
All the songs on this album were written and recorded between late 2013 and early 2015. I do all the vocals el-guitars, synthesizers and drum programming. In addition, Helmer Hemnes plays el-bass on all the songs, while Ruben Mikael Røed plays the drums on Dance boy and I wanna rock.

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