The Kingdom X (1994)

Finn Harald Røed, album, The Kingdom X
Release date: December, 1994.
MP3-quality: 192 kBit/s, 44.100 kHz
Total CD playing time: 36.17 minutes
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The Kingdom X was a techno pop project band, and my most important creative occupation in the early 90's. In fact, it consumed most of my time for about two years. This album contains 10 selected tracks recorded in 1993-94. I was the band's songwriter, and made every sound and note (synths, samplers, vocals) on this album.

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Kingdom X
Slave Control
Why she blew it
Dance in the shadows
Sign of love
What if I fell
Last Summer (original version)
I surrender
European Technology
Living without you
Unconscious mind

The recording
All of the album's songs were written by Finn Harald Røed, and recorded by the composer in Kristiansand, Norway in 1993 and 1994.

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