Transformation (1996)

Finn Harald Røed, CD, Transformation
Release date: April 15, 1996.
MP3-quality: 192 kBit/s, 44.100 kHz
Total CD playing time: 56.10 minutes
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"Transformation" (D.O.G. Records, 1996) contains a total of 19 original tracks, divided into three parts. The main part consists of 11 pop songs. Several guest musicians contribute on the tracks, playing el-guitar, trumpet, drums, el-bass and more. The album was well received, and several of the songs were frequently played on Norwegian radio stations in 1996-1997. The album also was presented on the national radio program Pandora's Jukebox (NRK 1) by the respected music journalist Sigbjørn Nedland.

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PART I: The human harvest
The world is changing
Last summer
Sometimes I care for you
Wish you were my hero
Where do I go?
If we stay together
Prince of the common world
No tears to cry
She's not like the rest of us
Unconscious mind
Take away the pain

PART II: The experimental
Labyrinth of hope
Wedding in 2028
Consequence of hidden lust

PART III: The floor
If we stay together (remix)
Cathrine & Tommy (remix)
Run with me


Bonus track:
Cathrine & Tommy (ballad version)

The recording
This album was recorded and mixed in music studios in the Norwegian cities Kristiansand and Moss. All of the album's songs were written in 1995-1996, except "Unconscious Mind", which is a rewrite of a song from 1992. All music and lyrics: Finn Harald Røed.

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