The music video for "Somebody precious" was released on October 5, 2017 – one week after the album "Pieces of life". The video switches between and combines footage of me singing/playing and clips from old B&W horror movies, some of them being almost a hundred years old, which widens the experience, interpretation and perspective of what the song is about, in the dream of and search for "somebody precious".

Other music videos with Finn Harald Røed

These are some of my other music videos on YouTube.

See you was written and recorded during the first quarter of 2017. The music video was filmed and produced early April. It was relased on YouTube on April 13 as a pre-release for the full album "Pieces of life" that came out in September 2017.

Unconscious Mind is one of my most important songs from the 90's. It was originally written in 1992, but later performed by The Kingdom X on several occations in 1993-94, before it was re-recorded in 1995 and relased on Finn's album Transformation in 1996.

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