The song "Beautiful world" was written and recorded in March and May 2020. It's a love song to God, expressing gratitude and love for being alive and loved in the beautiful world we live in. The music video was filmed in an empty church building in Skien, Norway, during the coronavirus crisis lockdown.

Other music videos with Finn Harald Røed

These are some of my other music videos on YouTube.

The trailer for my ninth album, The Courage to Believe (2020), with short previews from all the 12 songs. You may listen to or download the songs from this website, or listen to them on Spotify, Tidal and other major online streaming services. The lyrics are also available in PDF format (printable booklet).

"A simple song" (2020) is taken from "The Courage to Believe", and was the last song to be written for the album. It's a song about a dream of writing a song with the power to make the whole world sing alone, a multitude of souls joining one by one in heavenly praise.

The Christmas song Choirs of angels was my only release in 2019, and is purely based upon the Bible's story in Luke chapter 2 of the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem. It was relased on December 1. In addition to the lyrics, the video uses footage from old movies with shepherds, the crib in the stable, Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus and other iconic scenes. I was touched by the positive response I received on the video and the song from people around the world, from strangers to friends and relatives.

The song "Love imagination" was written and recorded the first week of July 2018. The accompanying music video shows four band members performing the song (vocalist, bass player, synth player and drummer), where all four of them are performed by Finn Harald Røed. The numerous scenes from different angles and distances of each band member were filmed separately between July 17 and July 22, 2018. During the next few weeks, the different clips were edited and combined into the final music video which was released on August 15, 2018.

The music video for "Somebody precious" was released on October 5, 2017 – one week after the album "Pieces of life". The video switches between and combines footage of me singing/playing and clips from old B&W horror movies, some of them being almost a hundred years old, which widens the experience, interpretation and perspective of what the song is about, in the dream of and search for "somebody precious".

See you was written and recorded during the first quarter of 2017. The music video was filmed and produced early April. It was relased on YouTube on April 13 as a pre-release for the full album "Pieces of life" that came out in September 2017.

Unconscious Mind is one of my most important songs from the 90's. It was originally written in 1992, but later performed by The Kingdom X on several occations in 1993-94, before it was re-recorded in 1995 and relased on Finn's album Transformation in 1996.

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